About us

Genomika, your reliable partner for biotechnological innovations. We support scientists, start-ups and companies in various sectors, from agriculture to healthcare. With our experience in applied genomics research and our state-of-the-art facilities, we offer customized R&D services, including project planning, lab execution and data analysis.

Products and services

Experiment Design and Planning

Offering customized strategies for experimental design, comprehensive planning, and benchmarking to guide research and product development efficiently.

Bioinformatics and Data Analysis

Providing advanced bioinformatics services for detailed analysis and interpretation of complex datasets, thereby enhancing the insights from laboratory experiments.

Laboratory Execution Services

Delivering full-spectrum molecular wet-lab execution, from initial testing through to routine analysis, to support seamless progression in research and product development initiatives.

Our projects

DNA Microfactory for Autonomous Archiving DNAMIC

An ambitious project coordinated under the European Innovation Council to develop an autonomous DNA archiving system. More details can be found ondnamic.org and related YouTube channels.

Development of a Deconvolution Algorithm for SARS-CoV-2

Aimed at identifying virus strains from wastewater, enhancing monitoring and response capabilities against COV-ID-19.

Development of DNA Tagging Technology for Art

Development of DNA Tagging Technology for Art

Encoding the National Anthem of Lithuania into DNA

A symbolic project encoding Lithuania’s national anthem into DNA sequences, demonstrating the storage capabilities of DNA.

DNA Painting No. 1

Uses DNA storage technology to encode 196 signicant works by artist M.K. Čiurlionis into paint, merging art with biotechnology.

Study on COVID-19's Eectiveness Against Various Ozone Concentrations

Investigates how diefferent levels of ozone can deactivate the COVID-19 virus, aimed at finding effective sanitization methods.

Development of MySkin®

A project combining genetic and biochemical data to analyze skin properties and predict potential weaknesses, enhancing personalized skincare solutions.

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